Fuel your Product Hunt network

Upperhunt is for founders & marketers who want to
be consistent and grow their connections

Stay consistent and be optimized

Track your Product Hunt performance and gain actionable insights from analytics.

Upperhunt is for marketers and founders who are unfamiliar with Product Hunt, or those who their launch to reach a top position

Grow your 𝕏 and LinkedIn connections

Product Hunt is full of founders wanting to connect on 𝕏 and LinkedIn.

Use Upperhunt's Chrome extension to speed up time-consuming manual connection requests.

Automated LinkedIn and X (Twitter) connections on Product Hunt

Spam-proof DM for Product Hunt

Build meaningful relationship and collaborate with other Product Hunt users.

Increase visibility and reach

Upperhunt provides features that are specifically designed to make your product seen by other Upperhunters.

Make Product Hunt more fun

With the Chrome extension's dark mode and streak reminder, you can enjoy Product Hunt to the fullest.


Upperhunt is free for users signing up before June '24

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      Streak reminder

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Product Hunt?

    Product Hunt is a website for showcasing and discovering new technology products and apps.

    According to one estimate, Product Hunt generates over 5 million views every month.

    It is an indispensable platform for indie makers launching their products.

    A successful Product Hunt launch can yield thousands of sign ups.

  • Which day of the week is best for launching on Product Hunt?

    It depends on what you want to achieve.

    This blog post covers various angles by analyzing data from all top Product Hunt launches in 2023.

  • When should you start preparing for a Product Hunt launch?


    Before you even write your first line of code, ideally.

    Codebase and fanbase should be developed in parallel.

    Knowing how to build a fanbase efficiently is the key.

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